Ready for a fresh twist on a classic sport? Then you’re ready for ROCKET BOWL! Featuring a 50’s style retro-futuristic vibe, out-of-this-world courses and rocket-powered bowling balls; ROCKET BOWL rolls a perfect game of fun on the Xbox Live Arcade.

Compete in tournaments, challenge your friends in multiplayer, test your skill in mini-games and more. You’re not just bowling… you’re ROCKET BOWLING!

Rocket-powered bowling balls – ROCKET BOWL takes the sport to a whole other level with rocket powered balls that can boost, jump and turn to help you knock down the pins and earn extra points with wild shots   

10 crazy bowling courses – In addition to a regular bowling alley, ROCKET BOWL features 9 crazy courses filled with ramps, tunnels, loops, hills, curves and more to create a bowling experience like you have never experienced

Fun and varied single player mode – Single player ROCKET BOWL allows the player to take on the variety of courses in Free Play mode; or challenge the pros in Tournament and Challenge modes, where they can wager and win money to upgrade their equipment

Exciting multiplayer matches – Up to 4 friends can compete against each other over Xbox Live or locally on one system.  Xbox Live play features Player (unranked) and Ranked matches

Challenging mini-games – Earn extra cash in skill-testing mini-games like MiniStriker and Alternate Shot

Upgrade your equipment – Using cash earned by winning matches and mini-games players can upgrade from more than 15 unique bowling balls including Strawbally, 8-Ball, the Jupiter 5000 and the Kalamazoo Special – more powerful bowling balls feature enhanced boost and curve abilities