Animated Blood

Mild Language 



 The Earth Defense Force is all that stands man between thousands of gigantic bugs, spaceships, and the end of the world in a realistic urban sprawl that is doomed for total destruction.  Earth Defense Force® 2017 Portable is completely remastered from the beloved original and now features new levels, multiplayer, and and the fan favorite Pale Wing, letting players soar high over buildings and cause destruction from above.  For the first time, battle for world supremacy with friends in online multiplayer for up to four players and play in co-op and versus modes.  Get ready to battle against the very best from outer space in Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable and take out the never ending onslaught of insects and aliens infesting our planet!



Sandlot’s classic shooter comes to handheld in North America for the first time!
• Epic battles against hundreds of enemies on-screen at a time
• Completely destructible environments
• More than 150 explosive weapons to collect 
• More than 50 missions made for replay across easy, normal, hard, very hard, and the dreaded INFERNO difficulty levels
All-new enhancements exclusive for Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable 
• Exclusive! Unlock and play as EDF flying female fan favorite PALE WING after fulfilling certain conditions!
• Option to utilize enhanced VITA controls utilizing the Front and Rear Touch Pad to aim and change your field of view 
• New Co-Op and competitive multiplayer modes featuring international online multiplayer (North and South America and Europe)

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